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Terms of Participation


(According to the Decree. 339/1996 EU directive command). Please read the terms and conditions on our tours before you sign. Once booked in our company, we consider that you accept the following terms:


Our travel agency is only a mediator between holidaymakers and hauliers. The hotels and any other offering his services for the smooth execution of each tour program. For this reason the agency has no liability for negligence cases and organizational shortcomings from third parties involved in completing the project, as well as for any injuries, losses, theft, luggage damages and objects or possible delays during the excursion or other adverse conditions due to exceptional circumstances or force majeure. Of course, both the diligence and responsibility and experience of the people in our office, result always make every effort to address all of the above disorders,


To be valid any reservation must be accompanied by a deposit equal to 40% of total participation costs. Telephone or other deductions not validated payment of the corresponding advances do not require the agency to reserve places. Informative trip delivered three days before the start of the trip. Reservations are made with the adoption of the program and within the period fixed for each trip registration deadline, however, does not oblige the LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS able to ensure the person concerned if in between the boxes have been exhausted. Payment of the balance is made in advance, no later than 10 days before starting the journey.

During the count the days of departure and arrival. Services in individual travelers in the destination country offered an international language, not in Greek.

The tips are mandatory and paid before departure. The LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS has introduced a small amount which covers basic services such as porterage airport and hotel accommodation, restaurants, guides, tour guides, etc.


Each trip each program has a specific deadline for entry form. This period is associated with corresponding time commitments LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS to airlines, hotels and other institutions used to secure the services provided for each journey. It makes sense that these bodies are interested in the positions, rooms or other services that we keep even more sensible to be harmed because of an untimely cancellation by us if a journey is made. In this context the participation deadline and time limits in which to cancel the trip without any corresponding economic impact on us. At the same time, It provides a simple answer to the classic question “how long I can state” and a decisive contribution stimulus for stalling tactics at risk not to position themselves if they ignore the deadline. But for us it is positive the participation deadline because it contributes to more timely closure of the projected positions thus ensuring the necessary time for better organizational preparation of each departure.


Minimum participation for all guided tours is 12 persons, unless otherwise indicated in the description of this excursion. The LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS has the right to cancel any trip if insufficient bookings or for other reasons at the discretion of not favoring its realization. The LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS must notify their customers about the cancellation of the tour up to 7 days before starting the journey. In this case the obligations LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS limited to the return of money he has received. Besides, LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS undertakes to meet the excursion program as stated in the description of each trip. The LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS also has the right to make changes to the program in so far as appropriate,

Since the changes made to the described program communicated with any meaningful way to the customer, the LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS not bound by the description of the tour program. These changes can be made before the trip and if you are so important to alter the character of the participants are entitled to cancel their reservation and get back the money paid, without any claim. However, if changes are deemed necessary during the journey, participants are obliged to accept them. For Easter and Christmas departures may be changing the program.


Each excursionist traveler has the responsibility for providing the necessary travel documents such as passports, visas, certificates. Of course, our office gladly offer assistance in obtaining these documents, but in no case can not be held accountable or liable for any delays or failure in securing them. the excursionist if foreign passport holder, it must be declared well in advance booking. Also, each trip is solely responsible for the purchase, the declaration and the authenticity of the exchange statement, as well as furs, jewelery, cameras and similar items. The excursionists are also responsible to arrive early in attendance and collection points for the various events of the program, such as sightseeing tours, transfers, flights, meals.


The LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS is an insurance professional indemnity policy covering any customer claims originating from the non-performance or improper performance of the package. It also covers the case of insolvency, as well as the repatriation of holidaymakers. A copy of the above insurance policy can be delivered to customers with redemption. In addition to all the participants in the organized tours LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS travel offers optional additional life insurance and personal accident.

: Organized trip, according to the Presidential Decree 339 is a predetermined combination of at least two of the following components, namely, transport, accommodation, other tourist services not additional transport or accommodation represents a significant proportion of the package where such provision exceed 24 hours or includes an overnight stay and offered for sale at an inclusive price.


Depending on an organized trip program, possible trips, which are usually organized by the competent accompanying the tour in cooperation with local travel agents. To better carry out the program in most programs, optional excursions are announced and paid for prior to departure. Prices may vary depending on the then current as: number of persons, festive seasons, evening hours charges etc.

If for any reason it is not possible in any voluntary activity, returned the money and not cause complaints or compensation. If the wait between flights at some airports abroad more than three hours, any service offered to cover this period is paid in addition to the cost of the program.


The choice of hotels is done with the criteria for their location and services offered in conjunction with optimum value depending on their category as this relates to the description of each trip.

The rooms / cabins are offered at prices are standard (basic), if the traveler wants a particular view or other room type then as long as there is availability offered by the relative cost. The rooms of most hotels around the world are designed to accommodate two beds. Therefore, the triple rooms are actually double with extra bed, but it is obvious that the space will be significantly limited. The rooms are delivered at 14.00 and is available to residents until 12.00 the day of departure. The LOVE YOUR HOLIDAYS make every effort to extend the residence limit as to serve holidaymakers departing on evening or early morning flights. The service will exists if and as long as the rooms are not given to others hotel guests. Some cruise cabins equally offered in 3 different decks, concrete pre-booked cab offered only if requested cabin type in a suite and as long as there is availability. All the offered accommodation offered kennels of valuables and personal documents. If not used this provision, any loss of documents, passports, tickets, valuables, etc. borne exclusively traveler and is entirely his own responsibility and costs or any process. Banks operate 24 hours in the hotels also offer machines to withdraw money. All hotels and ships have the ability doctor’s visit in your room / cabin. If you are taking a particular medication, please make sure to get it from Greece. In case of late arrival at the hotel after a day of your scheduled arrival and as long as you do not inform the hotel has the right to place and the rest reserved period if requested. In this case you return the amount corresponding to the nights that you would like but gave you the hotel. Drinks, unless expressly stated, are not included in the half board price, or full board. Recall before your departure from the hotel to paying any personal accounts (phone calls, drinks etc.).


All prices calculated based on exchange rates and airfares prevailing issuing program period. These values ​​may be increased without warning in case of change of tariffs revaluation of foreign currency units or any subversion of the original data and its cost price increase which the State imposes wanted, after the adoption of the program. Changing the value can be up to 10 days before the start of the journey and not an excuse to cancel participation.


Children 2-12 years usually pay a reduced air depending destination and in many cases reduced accommodation costs if they occupy the same room their parents. Under 2 years pay only 10% of the air fare but not right location and meal on the plane or luggage transportation.


Traveling in any program of our company, we undertake transportation and porterage pay – if any porters – a suitcase sized, weighing up to 20 pounds for each adult traveler. You can also drag and a hand luggage dimensions 53 X 26 X 23.

If you carry more weight, have to pay the difference on the spot and we note that if your partial or total damage, loss or delay of baggage, for whatever reason, we are not responsible. That is a matter for you and the carrier.


For all participants in organized tours abroad, having required passport. For the Arab countries in addition to the passport expires is required after six months. The visa for Egypt prepaid with booking and pasted in the passport upon arrival before passport control. Power is not all personal travel documents (passport, identity card) is the responsibility of the traveler.


A trip you can cancel but will have economic consequences. This is because our company has expenses and losses when you cancel your trip and enforce charged to cover the account of the losses. Akyrotika imposed even if canceling your trip you want to join the same journey in a future departure. H company prepays large sums of money and even several months earlier to travel agencies abroad and the airlines to arrange travel and bound with compensation payments.

H cancellation must be in writing and signed by him who made the original booking. When we receive the written request of cancellation then calculate the charged accordingly. Then we present the list of charges to be imposed depending on the time between law and the desired departure.

Details for all programs apply the following terms of cancellation:

30 days or more before the start of the tour return the deposit in full. Except EUR 50 per person for service costs.

Cancel 25-20 days prior to departure, withholding 40% of the value of participation.

Cancel 19-15 days prior to departure, withholding 50% of the value of participation.

Cancel 14 days before departure, deduction of 100% of the value of participation.


To participate in one of our trips can also ask your travel agent.

Any given “advice” to you by the agent and is not associated with “advice” ours is the agent’s responsibility and our company is not responsible for not properly instructed for your trip.


The firm promises to solve every good faith and disposition, any dispute that may arise with customers. In any case, however, there will be unresolved difference applicable is Greek law and the courts of Corinth.